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The basic laws of nature equally apply to individuals as well as organizations and countries. CSM Nation Transformation Model attempts to present the application of these natural laws to cause of nation building and governance.

Some of the readers may find solutions too simplistic and totally different from models existing today. However we feel that somewhere we have gone against natural laws which have led to huge imbalances and distortions in society.

The laws of nature if applied correctly can remove the imbalances in society and can lead to peak success for everyone.

Transforming the Nation Campaign

Any individual or company is part of a social system. We can not expect a happy family or company in a society teeming with utmost poverty, pollution ,corruption and mediocrity at every level. We cannot be proud of ourselves unless we are proud of our country and our society.

CSM gives a very practical but philosophical dimension to our work strategies. Starting from working for our own benefits we have to gradually move at company, industry and society levels. Our work has to ultimately become our mission - a mission to improve society and nation in our own way. Once we start thinking at this dimension , we shall start approaching a level of divine manifestation.

CSM approach to Nation Building is to “focus energies of a Nation and its inhabitants to achieve global levels of excellence in its areas of competency.” It believes that if even a fraction of its population starts dreaming and working towards achieving global levels of excellence in different sectors, it shall unleash a spiral of peak performance, creativity, innovation and overall development

CSM advocates an excellence at global level. We don't have to limited players at local level but at national and global levels. We have not to be afraid of global competition but face it and win. We have to focus our resources in areas where we have strengths to be Global level players. Instead of all industries and all functions , we should focus in few industries and be world players in them.

Instead of playing all games and not winning a single medal in Olympics, it is better to play a few games say two or three and become world champions in them.

Alternate Policy Framework Research

The progress of a country or organization also depends upon choices its makes in form of Strategies and policies towards Governance , Politics , Economy , Defence , Education , Foreign Affairs etc. There is a great amount of confusion in terms of Strategies and policy framework to adopt in country. The ultimate test of success of policies of a country is whether it has raised living of its population in terms of finance ,health , security and inter society harmony. It is essential that Strategic Framework of a country comes out of its unique culture and strengths and is not imported from outside. They have to be decided by right people in a right manner and are constantly adapted to changing needs of time.

CSM provides sound basis for research and develop correct strategies based on sound natural laws for any individual , organization or country. It attempts to combine modern management principles with ancient Indian philosophy and sound natural laws.

Leadership Development Program

The success of a country or any organization depends upon depth and quality of its leadership at every levels. The leadership bandwidth consists of political leadership at its core and all associated leaderships at functional levels in areas of economy , industry ,education , sports etc. Leadership pyramid also expands from grassroots micro levels to central and macro levels.

Leadership development is not accidental but a definite process through which any person can develop himself into a leader irrespective of his present situation or resources he possesses. Every human being has inherent seeds to be a great leader , and can do the same by following a definite path of thought , action and behavior.

Leadership Development Program aims to develop framework to Identify , Train and Develop leaders at every level ; based on three principles of Peak Work Performance , High Character and High Consciousness.

CSM Governance Workshop

CSM Governance Workshop attempts to articulate and intellectual discussion on CSM Approach to Nation Building and entire range of subjects such as Politics, Governance, Economy, Sports, Education , Foreign Policy etc.

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