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CSM Management Model applies principles of CSM Natural Laws to different management functions as applicable to organizations. The basic laws of nature are simple and universal. These laws can be applied to any situation and issues from business and governance.

One major problem with modern management theories is that they view all functions as isolated departments , each with its own boundaries. This is not natural. Nature is designed in a way that all systems are integrated in a harmonious way. Everything leads to one destination.

In terms of spirituality, it is said that purpose of all living beings is achievement of spiritual integration. Same applies for organizations. All Individuals and organizations should work towards goal of maximum social value and harmonious integration leading to divine manifestation.

The CSM approach to Management is different from traditional approaches due to its emphasis on Integration of business with all stakeholders such as employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, government, family, environment and society as a whole. In a way CSM Strategy formulation combines principles of western and eastern thought patterns. It balances between tangibles and Intangibles , between mind and heart.

CSM Management Workshops and Training

1. CSM Strategic Management Workshop:

This workshop articulates CSM Management Approach towards Strategy Formulation based on natural laws for organizations. The program looks into innovative concepts such as Integration of Business, Excellence Ladder, Knowledge Edge, Strategic MIS, Creative Controls, HR Optimization, Dynamic Marketing and Change Management. The core idea of this approach is to formulate core principals based on natural laws which can be applied to every function, problem and business as whole. This approach attempts to unleash a spiral of creativity, efficiency and success for every organization and its stakeholders such as employees , customers, vendors, shareholders etc.

2. CSM Strategic HR Workshop :

This workshop articulates CSM HR Model which focuses on unleashing creativity and innovation in every employee. A creative employee is most vital asset for any organization. It has been noticed that prevalent HR systems attempt to make machines out of employee by enforcing a plethora of systems and controls which cripple vital creativity. These systems and controls may bring a sense of discipline but do not lead to peak creativity and innovation. CSM HR Model seeks to develop an environment which leads to peak innovation, creativity , effectiveness and empowerment.

3. CSM Strategic MIS Workshop:

An Effective Business Review & Information System is essential activity for success of business. Most of organizations have Information Systems ( MIS ) based on ERP and other Software but still the vital and critical information goes missing. CSM Approach to MIS is to develop information systems which are :

  • Focused on critical goals and bottlenecks of business
  • Simple , Sharp and Minimum
  • Cover both Tangible & Intangible factors.
  • Cover both Micro and Macro Environment
  • Integrate MIS with Audit functions

This workshop is designed to develop a framework for a Critical and Strategic Micro and Macro Information Systems in an organization across all management functions like Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR and Materials. This type of Strategic M.I.S aims to direct resources of company to critical bottlenecks of an organization, thus releasing energy for higher growth.

4. CSM Cost Management Workshop

The traditional approach to cost management is that of Cost Control which involves keeping long list of cumbersome records and a plethora of budgets, rules and regulations which never work. Cost Controls often lead to harming creativity and does not serve any meaningful purpose. They divert our focus from our goal i.e. to serve customers in best possible way. CSM Strategic Cost Management Model on other hand involves developing systems which combine Cost Reduction along with increase in Creativity at every level.

Customized Workshops : Customized Workshops can be conducted for different functions as per specific needs of organization.

Delivery Mode : All workshops and training program can be provided in live classes or Online Model.


The success of any organization depends upon its Macro Strategy along with execution and effective review system. Most of failures of organizations can be linked to poor planning or ineffective review system.

Planning + Execution + Review = Success

Strategy International assists organizations in formulating effective Strategy, Systems & MIS for entire organization and its functions such as Marketing, Finance , HRD , Supply Chain and Operations. It provides related training and consultancy services in following areas:

a) Macro Strategy Formulation & Planning : Setting or auditing overall Macro Strategy for organization which is aligned to natural laws. Most of successful organizations have followed strategies based on these natural laws. This includes setting of Business Vision , Value System and Long Term goals.

b) Micro Planning and Strategies : Macro Strategy and planning is followed up with specific short and medium term plans and strategies. It also includes plans for specific functions. Short Term Plans include Operational and Financial Plans including budgets for business as a whole.

c) Critical Management Information System (MIS) & ERP : Setting up Strategic and Critical Information System for organization covering all critical factors and functions across the organization. This type of Strategic M.I.S aims to direct resources of company to critical bottlenecks of an organization, thus releasing energy for higher growth. We also assist in implementing ERP and process automation in synergy with Critical MIS.

d) Macro Environment & Market Research System : This is external side of MIS. It includes developing a system for identification of key macro factors which impact business and compiling regular reports about them. It also involves setting up Market Research function to support business objectives.

e) HR Optimization Strategy , Systems & MIS : Implementing CSM Model for HR Optimization which seeks to develop an environment which leads to peak innovation, creativity , effectiveness and empowerment of employees. It involves setting up HR Macro and Micro Planning, HR Critical Information System, Creativity Management, Performance Management , Business Excellence etc.

f) CSM Management Audit : CSM Strategic Management Audit analyses entire business unit and different management functions for adherence to CSM principals of management. It looks into policies , practices , processes , information flow etc. and suggests the changes required. CSM Strategic Audit is different from other forms of audit. This audit primarily takes the business as a whole and a part of wider social organization. It primarily works on approach that a business should be based on principals of maximization of welfare for everyone. This audit attempts to find the deep rooted reasons for any problem in a particular department at Macro or Micro Levels and provides suggestions to improve the same.

g) Strategic Cost Management : Designing and Implementing Strategic Cost Management Systems for entire Organization and management functions – Operations, Manpower, Finance, Marketing & Supply Chain. Strategic Cost Management is designed and implemented in a way to maximize contribution towards achievement of goals of organization and benefits all stakeholders including Customers, Vendors , Employees , Shareholders and Government.


CSM Management Workshops

  • CSM Management Workshop - Total
  • CSM Strategic MIS Workshop
  • CSM Cost Management Workshop
  • CSM Management Audit Workshop
  • CSM HR Optimization Workshop
  • CSM Leadership Workshop
  • CSM Marketing Workshop
  • CSM Knowledge Management Workshop
  • CSM Macro Environment MIS Workshop
  • CSM Social Integration Workshop
  • CSM Creativity Management Workshop
  • Online Workshop
  • Postal Workshop
  • Live Classes
  • Invitation Classes

CSM Management Consultancy

    • Macro Strategy & Planning
    • Micro Planning System
    • Strategic Information Systems ( MIS)
    • ERP & Automation Set up
    • Digital Marketing Set up
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Cost Management System
    • Management Audit
    • Risk Management Systems
    • Knowledge Management Systems
    • HR Optimization Systems
    • Market Research & Analytics