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Scriptures & Classics

The Laws of nature are eternal and universal. They have been in existence from the time earth came to existence and have been operating in all ages and times of history.

All religious leaders , philosophers, thought leaders , writers and observers have studied these laws in different times and attempted to articulate in a way that common man understands and implements for their Individual and National Progress.

CSM also is a thought process to understand and articulate these laws to solve problems of man , management and nations in present times. However the source of this thought process is same laws of nature which have inspired other thought leaders.

In our Scriptures and Classics series we have attempted to understand and articulate how major classical and religious texts have covered various issues related to Strategy and Success for individuals , organizations and society. We have also attempted to find convergence or non convergence with CSM thought process.

CSM Scriptures & Classics Series Workshops :

  1. CSM & Bhagwad Geeta
  2. CSM & Chanakya Neeti
  3. CSM & The Art Of War
  4. CSM & Panchtantra
  5. CSM & Modern Management.

1. CSM & Bhagwad Geeta : Bhagwad Geeta is one of oldest text of Indian Philosphy. Bhagwad Geeta is known as Science of Action. CSM is greatly inspired by Bhagwadgeeta. This workshop articulates principle of Karma Yoga in a different way.

2. CSM & Chanakya Neeti : Chanakya Neeti is a well known Indian text on Strategy and affairs of Individual and nation. Chanakya attempts practical implementation of his believes on Strategy . This workshop articulates points of convergence between CSM & this important text.

3. CSM & Art Of War : Art of War is a popular Chinese Text on Strategy for winning the war.This workshop attempts to articulates main principals of Art of War and CSM thought process.

4. CSM & Panchtantra : Panchtantra is a popular Indian Text in form of stories with some learning on matters of behavious and strategy. This workshop attempts to articulate these points of behavious and convergence with CSM.

5. CSM & Modern Management : Modern Management principals originating from different schools of thought both western and eastern attempt to implement laws of nature to field of management and organizational success. This workshop articulates point sof convergence between CSM and Modern principals of Management.

  • CSM & Bhagwad Geeta
  • CSM & Chanakya Neeti
  • CSM & The Art Of War
  • CSM & Panchtantra
  • CSM & Modern Management.
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